Ipow Floating Bobber Hand Grip Mount Pole + Thumbscrew + Wrist Strap Accessory Kit for Gopro Hero1 Hero2 Hero3 Hero 3+ Camera

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  • Sale Price: $12.93
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  • Comes ready to attach to your GoPro camera,light and small enough to travel with in your backpack.
  • It's totally sealed and made of hard plastic,with GoPro connecting mount on the end,it is easy to use and can keep GoPro afloat to make sure completely safe.
  • Nonslip texture design makes it easier and more comfortable to grip tightly.
  • Bright yellow color makes it easy to spot if it gets away from you.
  • The blue strap is nice and adjustable to fit your wrist,you can let it dangle from your wrist when not using the camera.

Product Details

Product Description

great and handy device

You won't lose your cameras on dives and is perfect as a hand hold to keep videos shot still when under water.
ever had to worry about losing your camera during some water dives.
The deeper you go, the better it works.

It attaches fairly easy and feels pretty good in the hand.
It is also a great float in fresh or salt water even with any other accessories installed.
It will always bring your camera to the surface if you loose it, which is already pretty difficult,as the strap works fine.
bright color:yellowIt is more visible in the water than the red or green ones,is bright enough to find easily.
Make your life more enjoyable and colorful.

With it,you can do snorkel and swimming,tubing or scuba diving or wake boarding,on the water,at the beach,in the pool and around the boat.
You can also use it for action shots and underwater shots in film making projects while on vacation.
It is not just for the water but for everywhere,for example riding.

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