Digimon Season 2 D3 Digivice White Blue Hawkmon Gatomon Version – Divine Data


    • D3 Digivice: Classic step counter, detailed pixel Digimon display, Digieggs that are able to obtain via "wave scanning" feature!! Connect and Battle!!
    • Item is in the USA it is a advantage for all American Digimon lovers to enjoy the fast shipping, weusually ship by first class mail or Standard shipping, which arrives in 3-4days, enjoy~~ thanks
    • INTERNATIONALBUYERS!!! HI!!!Thanks for supporting Divine Data, sorry for the high shipping rate :( the USgovernment has recently time the International shipping by 200% :( But Iwill still try my best to keep the shipping low for all of you, please just enjoy the shopping, thanks
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    Product Details

    Product Description

    Screen shows perfectly, all button tested and working, sound working as well.

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